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Celebrating Disability Support Workers Week: Love Shows Up

LutherCare Communities operates 11 Group Homes that provide adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in a community-based, family-style setting. Dedicated Team Members including Disability Support Workers help residents to lead active and independent lives. This is the story of two of our Team Members, Christy and Fe.

Christy is a Disability Support Worker and has been with LutherCare since 2015. Before coming to LutherCare, Christy was a nurse in the Philippians and has always had a passion for helping others. “It’s so fulfilling to support our residents. You can tell they really appreciate the care they are receiving” says Christy.

She continues, “I love LutherCare’s values in caring for others and the holistic approach we take in proving care to the mind, body, and spirit. The services Group Homes provide are so Important, especially to our residents’ families. It inspires me to be the best I can be!”

Fe is a Disability Support Worker from the Philippians who has worked with LutherCare since 2005. She has experience ranging from working in radio, insurance and as a personal care worker. “The residents have taught me so much about compassion. They always tell me they love me and I love them back” says Fe. She continues “I really feel like this job is my specialty. Where I am from, we do not have programs and services like Group Homes. Working here has showed me how important services like Group Homes are”.

“My dad always told me that love shows up. No matter what you are going through, love shows up. Our team is always here with a smile on their face. They are phenomenal at what they do and they are genuinely happy to show up and care. I am so proud of them!” says Ashley, Group Homes Coordinator for LutherCare.

LutherCare would like to thank all our Disability Support Workers for their dedication and support!